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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Fat Snowmen

Or in this case, one melting snowman.  It's snowing this morning.  Not enough for a snowman, but enough to brighten the eyes of the hopeful children who have been glued to the windows calculating what their fist moves will be the minute they are released to roll in it. 
 Meanwhile, a poem for grouptime:

Five Fat Snowmen
Five fat snowmen standing in a row,
Out comes the sun- Oh no!

Four fat snowmen standing in a row,
The temperature is rising- Oh no!

Three fat snowman standing in a row,
The day gets warmer- Oh no!

Two fat snowmen standing in a row,
Icicles dropping- Oh no!

One thin snowman sinking very low,
Now he's a puddle- Oh no!
(The kids can "melt" as the countdown is recited.)
Maybe it will accumulate like it did 3 years ago?  Or not.  But today I think we will each create one small snowman and bring them inside to see whose snowman will melt the fastest. :)

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  1. You inspired me to bring in some snow for Susie to play with! Kept her entertained for almost an hour ... let's just say she considered it a bowl of popcorn! =)