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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hand Print Peacock

Just for fun, we created handprint peacocks yesterday.  I painted their hands green for the print.
Each child added blue paint dots to the tips of each finger.  They used a marker to draw in the feather details. 
We looked at a real peacock feather.
Add legs and color in a beak.
Cute little fella, right?  I wish you could hear the kids attempting to make the peacock calls.  There was lots of laughter and wide eyes as they listened to me do it.  This was a fast project!
It RAINED!  We really need rain right now.  The whole center of our beautiful state is on fire.  The kids thought they didn't have to go outside.  They were wrong!  I reminded them that a little rain doesn't hurt and can be fun to run around in.  They all just followed each other to the safety of the patio roof.  I dared them to feel the rain.
Smiles and a realization that they were ok. 
The rain is a gift from God! 
I thanked God out loud for watering the garden and the kids rushed over to see.  
This morning it is pouring on and off, we had thunder and lightning.  I LOVE this!!  
My daughter (on the right) got out of bed because she said it sounded like we were being bombed.  I watched her creep outside to listen to the rain.  She is my child, and I'm glad she has appreciation for nature.
♥♥♥Happy Wednesday!♥♥♥

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving Things Around

The time has come.  It can take up to a year or so, but there always comes a time when I get tired of seeing the playroom the way it is situated.  In the past it has led me to paint.  I really cannot afford to take on a painting project, so I decided a bit of rearranging might ease my need for something fresh.  This has been the set up for a while.  A loooong while.
Here it is now.  I removed several items, rearranged what was left and brought in a different table.  It's subtle, but it feels different.  The kids were excited!
The book shelf was moved here.  It's like a small library reading nook.  I also rotated the books supply with the back up books I have in the garage.  They might remember some of them, but it is always nice to see books we haven't looked at in a while.
I rotated a couple of the toys in and out.  I am currently looking for more toys or play sets to incorporate into the playroom.  It's time to hit some yard sales!
The table that I moved into the playroom used to sit here.  It has been there since Henle House opened five years ago.  I moved the cubbies over here to get them out of our dining room area.  That shelf sure looks small.  I pushed it over into the corner because it feels so much more open in the space.  It's not bugging me that it isn't centered.
Now there is an empty space next to the hutch where the cubbies were.  This could spell trouble.  I am going to look for a chair to put there.  A shabby looking old kitchen chair.  
I've been busy planning out preschool curriculum for this coming preschool year.  I'll be honest-- I'm ready.  I feel like we have taken such a long break and it's not even the end of July!  That's good.  By the time September rolls around, my mind will have been rested, my heart for preschool renewed.  It pays to take this break!  It's cloudy this morning, and when the weather gets like this I tend to clear out supplies, replenish them online and plan.  Discount School Supply is my favorite supplier.  I often receive my orders in 2 days.
Several years ago, I placed a few large Oriental Trading orders.  It's a great site to order craft kits from.  I have been sorting through the leftover kits and trying to incorporate those into the coming preschool year and summer days. 
♥♥♥Happy Tuesday!♥♥♥

Friday, July 18, 2014


We started our early morning out yesterday with some table activities.   I'm noticing that when the kids are having way too much free time, it causes some discord.  A bit of organized activity choices helped.
I've baked banana bread a couple of times in the past week.  It's perfect to bake in the morning when the air is cool and filling the house. 
We painted some polk-a-dot fish for art!  I prepared these in advance.  It's nice to have a project to keep my hands busy in the mornings. 
Everyone used a different paint color.
They painted the entire fish with that one color, and used a contrasting color for dots.
I love the way they turned out!
I love Crayola paint.  It's so bright and not watery. 
♥♥♥Happy Friday!♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My favorite snack for the kids lately is a frozen yogurt.  They celebrate when they see me holding the box.  They tell me it tastes like ice cream!
Smudge has been very needy lately!  He does this pose in the photo when he wants my attention.  Half of the time he hops up and runs straight to his snack cabinet.  The other half of the time, he hugs my hand and arm and kicks me while purring.  I love it!
Yesterday we created some sunshine in celebration of how wonderful the sunshine has been!  
It was a quick project.  In the summer, I prefer to have the kids engage in some sort of art or project at least once each week.  
They drew a design, glued on the triangles, and painted the sun yellow.
He is wearing a sweater because it gets so hot and stuffy in the house at night that my routine includes blowing it all out and filling the house with cool morning air every day.  It can get chilly, but it makes it bearable in the house for the rest of the day.
The suns look beautiful!
☼I love how bright the art wall is right now. ☼
Outside, some of the sunflowers have buds.  This variety will only grow about 4 feet high.  I've never grown them before, the kids gave me the seeds for Mother's Day.  See the red lining on the leaves? I think the flowers will be that color!! 
We've got peas and snap peas in the garden right now.  
Whenever I climb into the garden to weed or inspect, these girls are right there next to me, asking questions and pointing things out.
I am particularly pleased with the corn this year.  It's looking pretty good!
Soon the corn will tower above these sunflowers. 
♥♥♥Happy Wednesday!♥♥♥

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Real Summer

I didn't take any photos of the kids yesterday.  We had a wonderful free play summer day.  We have had the best hot weather lately!  It feels like a real summer.  Saturday we watched a fiery sunset take hold of the sky. 
So beautiful!
There was a full rainbow over the house.  My camera refused to take the shot because it couldn't focus.  This was the only one I got of it!  If you click on the photo you might get a better look at the rainbow.
This was one morning at about 6:00AM.   
My kids practically live in the lake lately.  Ethan likes to wear the wet suit.
I even went in, and that NEVER happens.  The water is so warm!  We went fishing last night on Lake Bosworth and the water felt like a bath.  Fish for dinner tonight!  I'm loving summer.  The best thing about summer is that I know Autumn will arrive next.  It's my favorite. 
Know anyone looking for full time childcare?  I am advertising my last full time spot for age 3 or 4.  It would be good to add another child into our preschool group this September.
♥♥♥Happy Tuesday!♥♥♥

Monday, July 14, 2014

Escape To The Trees

We took off on Friday.  Down the street we went to Hill Park.  We enjoyed some shadow posing.  See Optimus Prime on the right? 
TWO Optimus Primes!
♥A heart.♥
I love shadow photos.  I know that all of the photos on this post are a bit blurry- I was using my phone.  Sometimes it's nice to travel light.  
Once again, we were off to see the elephant in the woods.
"Look how taaaaall, Miss Nicole!" 
We always have to go touch it.
I love to let them explore.  
They needed to climb up a stump.
We took some time to notice the trees.
She kept backing up to them and looking waaaaaaay up. 
There is one tree that I like to capture in a group shot every year.  Some of the kids remembered where to go.
Back to the playground we went!  It was already a balmy 85 degrees by 11:00.  We had a quick go on the playground before we retreated to the shade in the back yard at Henle House.  You haven't lived until you have a good satisfying swing as an adult.  Always try the swings!
Things that make you go "Hmmmm."  Is it lame that I was just happy that someone spelled this?  
I downloaded a sweet album yesterday.  The song above is by Sia.  "Elastic Heart".  The whole album is very emotional, and I love that.  Amazon is my favorite place to download digital music.  You can click on the link to listen to samples from the album, it's a steal at only $3.99.  Score!!
♥♥♥Happy Music Monday!♥♥♥