1John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Shop Snohomish

 We love living in Snohomish.  We are in town, too.  Walking down to the Farmers Market on a Thursday evening is a welcome idea!  I drove last night- but if I wanted to walk I could.  Luckily for me, a group af ladies from church all met downtown for shopping and dessert- I was "in". 
Sorry about the fuzzy iphone photo-- as I meandered up 1st Street I came upon a sweet little shop called Glitter & Ivy.  Inside I met Julie, the owner.  Look at her warm smile!  The fact that she keeps her shop open on Thursday evenings for the Farmers Market made me smile.  This shop is a must stop, ladies.  It's full of all of the type of things that I love, antique looking decor- interesting signs and shelving- and who wouldn't love to chat it up with Julie?  We talked about the joys of working loooong 11 hour days- but when one loves what they do, it is all worth it.  I know from experience.   The bag on the counter held my purchase.
The "Carrots" sign.  I couldn't leave without it!  When I got home, it found it's home right above another recent sign purchase.  There is something about Washington Apples signs and labels that I love.
 Something else that I tried on a whim- adding scrapbook paper to the hanging window.  Stephanie had been working on a school project that required paper, and i stole a few pieces to throw behind the window panes. 
I just used some tape and thought I'd probably take the papers down after I realized they didn't look right.  They are still there- I like the way it adds some color.  Funny that this one has a crow.  Now along with our resident squirrel, we have a crow who hangs out in the front yard.
This little space is becoming my favorite.  The new carrot sign just fit right in.  When you locals get a chance, shop Snohomish! Go see Julie in her shop- you will not be disappointed.  906 1st Street.
Meanwhile, Smudge thinks he is a person and joined the kids for dinner the other night.  They brought out his bowl so he would feel welcome.  NO, I don't normally feed animals at our table.  We just love our Smudge.  Happy Friday!♥♥♥  We are heading to the library this morning. :)
Song for today is called "Happy Swingin'" by Shemian.  Not sure what this really is, but I love it. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rainy Day Play

We were staying inside on Tuesday.  Luckily for all of the children, Ethan decided to open his business.
The kids played restaurant for a while.  Ethan even wore a tie!
We were each seated, served, and then paid using AWANA bucks that were left over from AWANA at church.
This was my fine dining meal. Note that my burger is actually a waffle. Yum!
Here was a happy shirtless customer. :)
Once we were all full, the restaurant morphed into a toy store.  Ethan even had the toys priced. 
Our purchases were bagged.  That simple addition really added to the enjoyment of this play time. 
It was closing time.  The entrepreneur had worked long and hard hours and was ready to drive home.  Good thing traffic was light on his way down the hall to his bedroom. ;) Happy Thursday! We are heading to Hill Park today for a picnic. ☼☼☼
Closing Time by Semisonic.  It just fits the post today. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Are we making PACMAN today?" Aiden asked.  Leave it to my son to turn everything into a video game.. "No, we are making a ladybug."  Just cut a triangle shape out of a paper plate.
I forgot to photograph the next step, but glue a black piece of construction paper onto the back of the plate to fill in the missing triangle piece.  That creates the bug body.
I suppose I could've let the boys choose what color they would like to paint their ladybugs, but I got ahead of myself and everyone was given red paint.
 Slop, slop, slop..
The kids then glued on heads, googly eyes and spots.  I recommend using Elmer's glue when gluing something onto a wet painted surface.
He was very proud of his ladybug! I love when someone works hard on their project. ♥ Happy Wednesday, will you please pray for my friends in Colorado Springs Colorado?  They are in the midst of a wild fire that is engulfing neighborhoods.  People have evacuated, homes have been lost and school gyms are being used as shelters.  Pray for the firefighters and that God will bring them some rain.
Song for today is called "Travelling" by Paper Lions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Toy

It's always exciting for the kids to find a new toy waiting for them.  In the last week we lost our ten year old wagon along with one of our trikes.  Casualties of war, I suppose.  I'm always on a tight budget, so re-stocking the toy shed outside can be difficult!  I found ANOTHER bowling set at Target for $12.   I say another because we have so far attempted to be happy with two sets.  They were both made so poorly that it was impossible to even set up.  The pins were not heavy enough to stand upright.  The kids just got frustrated and then ended up using the pins as ball whackers.  This particular set in the photo above is a score!  The pins are weighted nicely, and it came with a small mat so the kids know where to set up the pins.
"Hey Mom, this is so easy!"  (Big smiles.)
Aiden has always loved bowling, so he was particularly energetic about running the entire thing for everyone.
He enjoyed setting up pins for everyone.  He would then retrieve the ball for them.
The ball with this set is a little bouncy, but that's great because it has some weight to it.
It can be tough to take turns!  Everyone survived, patiently.
We drew a chalk line to stand behind on our turn.
The kids were happy to play with this toy set for almost all of their morning outside time.  We stayed out for over an hour thanks to the rain turning off.  It's back this morning though, full force.  I was chatting with my Utah friend yesterday- they are experiencing 100 degree weather and wildfires.  We are experiencing a 50 degree summer with rain.  It would be great if both extremes would meet in the middle.  Happy Tuesday!♥♥♥
Song for today is called "All About Us" by He is We, featuring Owl City.♫

Monday, June 25, 2012


I am glad that summer is here! Washington doesn't KNOW it is summer yet- it's starting to feel like early Spring right now.  I'm looking forward to frolicking in fields of tall grass...
Smiling at the giggling kids as the piggies take a swim....
S'mores mustaches...
I love to hear "Please spray me!"
Looking forward to the towering sunflowers!  Happy summer!  I sure miss the kids in the throwback photos, my how time flies. :)  Happy Monday. ♥♥♥

Song for today is appropriate- "My! My! Time Flies" by Enya.♫

Friday, June 22, 2012

Team Work=Answered Prayer

The rain turned off for two days, so I don't have any photos of projects or anything to share because we just played outside.  I defend that choice- playing outside sparks imagination, creativity,  exploration and exercise.  Meanwhile, changes are coming.  Adam and I are officially teaming up together at Henle House in mid July! We met years ago at Kids Country in Monroe.  He would often be placed in my classroom as an assistant.  Looks like we will be working together again.   Adam has been struggling to find part time work that is steady over the past couple of months.  He was always here, not knowing what else to do.  We have been toying with the idea of making him an employee for months now.   This would allow us to bring in more kiddos, making up for his missing part time work.  It takes a certain kind of man to be willing to participate in something like this- I am blessed.  When I was taking classes in March, I learned how difficult it is with so many childcare owners and their husbands not willing to be participants.  Adam is quite the opposite. Pray for us! I know the toll that working with my husband and then living with him can take. :)
Meanwhile, when in doubt, half way out.  I don't apologize for excessive photos of our cat and squirrel.  They're family.  Happy Friday!♥♥♥
Song for today is called Bloom by The Paper Kites.♫

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caterpillar Art

While waiting for the rain to stop, we created caterpillars!  I cut out some construction paper circles ahead of time, but asked each child what color they would like their caterpillar to be.
They glued the circles on, drew on some legs, glued on some eyes, and gave them some polk-a-dots.  To take up a few more minutes, I encouraged them to color in some grass, even though the paper was already green.  They were happy to do that.
Love this pink caterpillar- I just knew she would choose that color!  
Here Chippy is, serenading us through the door. ♫  I sure wish we could snuggle him.  Happy Thursday!♥♥♥ Day 2 of sun for us before we drop back down into the 60s and have rain for five days. 
Here's something funky for you this morning- I think they call themselves Sweet Sweet Moon, and the song is called "I see things that you don't see and that is blue blue black and Dylan."  Well, ok then! It's a bit odd at the high notes, but truly entertaining to me. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magnet Art

The kids looked at me kind of funny when I gave them their paper for art the other day.  Tiny circles of paper, how on earth would the kids create art on something that small?
We ordered a magnet project from Oriental Trading.  Instead of using the kind with pre-decorated paper designs, we created our own.
Stephanie came to our rescue and let us use her colored pencils.  We needed something with a fine tip to be able to color on the tiny circles.
The kids doodled a little, and we highlighted the whole thing to make them bright.  I added their names.  This project wasn't as personalized as I would have liked- I felt like I was doing the art... I don't like that.  I do, however, like having extra magnets on the fridge.  It seems like we never have enough!
See how the art is magnified when we add the "bubble"?  I used hot glue to secure the paper to the back of it.
The magnet had a sticky side.  We just stuck them onto the paper.
Now we have magnets with names on them. :)  Happy first day of summer! The sun made a rare appearance this morning- I am so excited and will probably play all day in it.  We are all lacking Vitamin D, I'm sure. ♥♥♥
Toby Mac- "I'm For You".  Great message. Listen LOUD!♫

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baked Trout

My dad took our boys fishing on one of the many lakes that dot our area.  I was thrilled because I still don't have my fishing license for this year and I am always craving trout. I had to share this simple recipe.
Make a pesto:
Add lemon balm, 1/2 cup of olive oil or vegetable oil, and 3 garlic cloves into a food processor. Blend until mixed and chopped well.
Stuff fish with onion slices, a blob of butter, and a little salt and pepper if you like it.  Spread the pesto on top of the fish, I shoved some inside, too.  Bake at 350 degrees in a casserole dish (I lined it with tinfoil) for about 35 minutes. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! I LOVE trout.  Happy Tuesday!♥♥♥
This song fits my mood about the weather this morning.  Dear Lord, I need some sunshine.  Or some grace to deal with our lack of heat. Amen.  Oh- it's "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" by Epica.♫

Monday, June 18, 2012


There were two bored boys Friday afternoon.  I got out the volcano, a $5 toy I purchased from our local toy store that shut down last year. :(  (Rowdy Rascals)  You know the drill, add baking soda and vinegar.
I showed them what would happen- look at the smiles!
They couldn't wait to try.  I like this project to be outside- no vinegar mess in the house.   I 'm still trying to be messy.♥
Scoop some baking soda..
I poured some vinegar into a small bowl and gave the kids a medicine dispenser to suck it up and shoot it into the volcano.  It worked out great!
"Whoooaaa! Volcano!!"  Congratulatory back pats came soon after.
It was tough to take turns.  Should've purchased two volcanoes.  This is a great project in a cup, too.  Or even a plate.  Anything you have will do!
Excessive smiles will follow! Happy Monday!♥♥♥
Song for today is a bright little tune- great for our historically rainy June. It's only in the 50s right now is rainy Snohomish. Jack Johnson sings "Better Together."♫