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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ode To Joy

You must listen to to the video posted above, it's full of great information, too! If you are in a hurry, forward the video to 2.26- hear Beethovens Ode To Joy.  Last night my handsome hubby and I ventured into Seattle to Benaroya Hall to hear the Seattle Symphony perform it's rendition of Beethovens Symphony No. 9 in D Minor. ♫♪♫  I purchased that CD when I was maybe 17.  It has been listened to over and over and over.  I know precisely when to expect each change in tone, bell, you name it.  Needless to say, I had high hopes about the perfection that would be heard last night.
 Here is a scan of the translation, such a great message.
I love being a passenger in Seattle at night.  The one way streets prevent me from driving it myself, but the city is all dressed up for Christmas and New Years Eve right now.  Everything was sparkling!  Sorry about my terrible Iphone photos through the dirty windsheild..
We didn't see the elevator in the parking garage, so we hoofed it down all of these stairs.  I had to put the new heels to the test.  It was slow goin'-- lol- me in heels.. Sheesh!
Beautiful Benaroya Hall.  They were playing Beethoven on the street, so exciting!  Everyone was rushing to get inside to place their Intermission wine orders.
Inside the foyer was what I am guessing is a Chihuly glass piece.  Beautiful!
 We had reasonable seating.  It was so beautiful inside!!  We were not, however allowed to photograph the symphony.  So a quick snap of some of the musicians warming up will suffice.
Look at the cool balcony set up!  We made sure to hold our pinkies out the entire time.  (When in doubt, pinky out.. an inside joke between my handsome hubby and I when in a snooty environment.. LOL)  We had a wonderful time, the music was absolutely flawless.  I mean, every note was absolutely perfect.  It gave me chills.  Almost shortness of breath..  And it was very hard for me not to clap in between movements..  Happy New Year!  Be safe and don't drive.  ♥♥♥

Friday, December 30, 2011

Koolaid Playdough

 Koolaid was my favorite drink as a child.  As a mom, I can't bring myself to pump my kids full of sugar.  So any Koolaid I buy goes into playdough.
 Here is the recipe I received during a 20 hour training session at Volunteers Of America.  Easy scented playdough.
 I don't recommend having the children help with this one, it involved boiling water. 
 Here is what it looked like after mixing it as much as I could.
 It's a very smooth playdough after kneading.  I flattened it out and let it cool before giving it to the kids.  The recipe was doubled this time, and it filled half of a gallon ziplock bag. 
 The girls were happy to "bake".  Yum, cherry playdough!

 One baked cookies..

One baked blueberry muffins.  Playdough is so awesome!  Happy Friday!  Symphony tonight for my handsome hubby and I.  CANNOT WAIT!♥♥♥

Thursday, December 29, 2011

H Is For Hands

We are learning to recognize the letter Hh. 
Luckily, our Stephanie cleaned out her art supplies and donated these oil pastels to my cabinet.  I love having these around for one purpose:  oil pastel resist.
Hh is for hands! ♥
This project can be completed using crayons, also.  Oil pastels are so soft that they are easy to apply heavily, making the actual "resist" more visible.   I traced the kids' hands onto their papers.
 They each chose a color to fill in their hands with. 
 Aiden is so funny- he uses any excuse to recognize "beige" because I was so surprised that he had knowledge of that odd color over summer break. 
It is important to press hard when coloring for a resist painting. 
 When the coloring is complete, paint gently with watercolors over the top of the drawing.  Like magic, the colored part pops through! The kids love this.
 Aiden was trying to beat the beige by painting over and over and over.  Beige wins!
 These are so colorful, it was a beautiful project and a fun way to remember the letter Hh.
Nice job!
Meanwhile, Chloe won't let a giant popcorn tin stop her from squeezing in there.. and she is actually smiling!  Happy Thursday!♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunshine And Cappuccino Mix

Ok, so I am now an official Taste Of Home junkie. ♥  Cappuccino Mix has been a hit with my in-laws.  I was very excited to make some, and even more excited to put it in a jar. 
Mark the lid with the correct recipe for a creamy, chocolaty cappuccino!  I just added a heaping spoonful into my coffee.  I love the hint of nutmeg.
Decorate your jar with your ribbon of choice.. Options are endless!  I always use twine. ♥  This makes a great hostess gift- remember your host/hostesses this New Years Eve.  It's also just a simple way to let someone know you are thinking of them.  Winter is so long and dreary.. now that Christmas is over it is fun to brighten someones mood. 
I hope all of you Washintonians know that the correct thing to do when the sun comes out is to go stand in it until it warms your clothing.  This is very important.
My beast followed me out into it last time.  (A week and a half ago, by the way..)  ♫♪Rain rain, go away.. I'm dieing here!♫♪  Happy Wednesday!  Back to work for me. ♥♥♥

Friday, December 23, 2011

While Mother Was Away...

I had to run an errand this morning that required no children.  Before I left, I practically begged my boys to behave for their sister while I was gone.  Visions of The Cat In The Hat and a messy, loud house  filled my head.  An hour later, I returned to...
Bliss!  It seems as if some Christmas miracle has happened and my kids are... on the same team!  They worked the whole time to create an Adventure Time puppet show.
All of the puppets had been drawn and colored, taped to popsicle sticks and laid out on the small bench ready for a performance.

Everyone was happy and working together! 
Then, an unbelievable move- they all headed to the living room to listen to Stephanie play Christmas carols on her bass clarinet.  I had to take a photo.  This is a Christmas gift to me from God, I just know it!  My kids are happy together- no fighting or whining.  Aaaah-- so glad to have the day off! Happy Friday!♥♥♥

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

What kid doesn't love marshmallows dipped in frosting?  Yesterday it was time to construct our gingerbread houses.
Yes, the mom had some construction difficulties and had to frosting a couple of pieces into place again.  Aren't these cute?  This is perfect size for children.  It won't take too long to decorate, and wont make them as sick when they eat the whole pint sized thing. ♥
"Which one do I get?"  The boys were anxious.  We waited for all of the kids to arrive.
I found this kit at Target.  Each December I look for it- one box with FIVE gingerbread houses.  SCORE!
We had gumdrops, crushed candy canes, mini jawbreakers, coconut shreds, peppermint patties, and I know I am missing something. ..
Oh yeah! Peanut brittle.  I think I just ate that, though- the kids didn't choose to use it. :)
I love to see what my Ethan puts together.  He pays attention to detail.  Like his mom.
 Decoration was in full swing!  We were jingling to Christmas music and sampling a little of this.. a little of that.. just enjoying each others conversation and company.  I felt overjoyed to have the house bustling with noise!  It has been pretty quiet around here this month.  (Still praying for more children.♥)
Ethans gingerbread church. ♥
Alexis with her gingerbread cottage.♥
Ethans pal Nathan with his gingerbread shack.  Upon arriving, he said he had hoped that this wasn't Cougar territory- I ensured him that this is a Husky house.  (He has his Husky sweatshirt on.)
A better view of Nathans shack. ♥
Aidens marshmallow gingerbread house.  Yes, he's back to being shirtless. ♥
Sabrina, working on her A frame chalet. ♥
Look who showed up after a couple of weeks absenteeism.  Chippy was NOT hibernating.  He still "knocks" on the cat door to get my attention.
 Here is Ethans church after an earthquake.  He couldn't wait to start eating it!  I thought it was clever that he had filled the inside of his church with marshmallows.  Smart guy, that Ethan!
Meanwhile, we woke up on the first day of winter (today) to what looked like a frosty wonderland.  Even Chloe ventured outside to see.  We have been waiting for the first day of winter- the kids get very excited for the change of seasons.  Contrary to a childs normal belief system, it does not snow just because it is winter.  They had to see it to believe me.  Finally.
For now, we are tucked away in Henle House, nice and warm. ♥  Happy Thursday! Today is my Friday.  For Christmas, I have given myself five days off, starting tomorrow.   Time to spend with my kids. ♥