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Thursday, May 7, 2015

There Is Always Something

There is always something happening here!  Even if there isn't anything particularly exciting or noteworthy for me to share with you on this blog, in the kids' eyes, there is always something to look forward to.  Yesterday, they really loved playing with the balance boards in the morning.  They were having a balancing contest.
To make it interesting, they added bean bags to the tops of their heads.  It was the beginning of a day where we worked on something special for Moms, so I can't show you that here. 
I decided to document some of the "somethings" that we do on a normal day.
The ducks have really stayed here this Spring more often than the last couple of years.  We see them ALL day!  
It has become routine for us to stop and say hello.  I learned about the better food options for them.  Oats, grapes cut in half, cracked corn, bird seed.  They would not eat any of it.  They looked at me like they were being betrayed by their momma, and where was their bread?  I see them nuzzling bugs out of the grass, so I know they eat enough of what they should, so we still give them bread for snack.
Yesterday, the focus was on this baby snail we found.  The kids checked on it's very slow movement for several hours.  There is always something to notice and watch.
We have some regular crows, too.  They wait for the ducks to leave.  Crows are smart, and as long as they don't squawk  outside of our bedroom window early in the morning, they can stay.
A favorite toy to play with is just a sheet and four clothespins.  They made a house.
Kids are so easy to entertain! 
My wheels are turning about preschool this Fall.  I'm perusing all of the curriculum books that I have in search of different worksheets and ideas for the kids.  Pinterest is a helpful tool, too! 
♥♥♥Happy Thursday!♥♥♥

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