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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Gardens Are God's Art

As you've gathered by now, gardening as a hobby of mine.  I also love to read and take long walks through Snohomish.  I would say that gardening is my number one favorite thing to do in my free time.  It amazes me every time how beautiful each flower is.  God is truly an artist, and I am so grateful to be able to watch some of it here in our yard.  I love to weed them, and there is usually a cat following me through the gardens, too.   I like to incorporate gardening into preschool.  I don't always give up my own garden space for the preschool, some things need to remain mine.  (Like my personal bubble space-- I am not a hugger.)  This year the preschoolers will be gardening in containers and small growth projects.  We began yesterday with a couple of simple ones.
This book came from Scholastic and included a small solarium to sprout some sunflowers. 
The kids felt the pellet.  They couldn't understand how it would turn into soil when we add water.
They added water and went off to make their nap time mats while we waited for the soil to expand.
Smudge came to see what was going on.  
"Hi Smudge."
We noted the changes.
We each planted a seed.
Onto the sunny window sill it went!  We are checking it every day and will transplant them if they successfully sprout.
We noticed a blooming poppy through the window!  Hooray!!
Project number two was what I like to call "grass heads".  I hot glued these faces on ahead of time.
We took a good look at some grass seeds.  They are so small!
To the veggie garden we all went, to borrow some dirt.
We were watching for some green bean sprouts, too.
I also planted Scarlet Runner Beans, I can't wait to watch those bloom!
The kids covered their dirt with grass seeds and returned to the garden to add more dirt.
"Will they grow while we are sleeping?" 
They always think the plants will grow right away. :)
The kids found each found his or her own name stick and added it to their grass head.
They were happy to be able to see some of the seeds through the side of the cups.  I will update you when the sprouts appear!
"Nicole, these flowers are almost as tall as I am!"  Oh man- I am going to miss my little gardener.  She'll be leaving us next month.  She is always usually right there with me when I'm getting into the garden, and she can point out vegetables and sprouts.   I can't believe how tall the Columbine is, either!  I sprinkled some seed in that spot last year, I think, and it is a monster now!
♥♥♥Happy Friday!♥♥♥

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